The ‘tribal drums’ of our age are beaten by new witch doctors, new medicine men: the media. Modern media technology has created, in the words of Marshall McLuhan, an “utter human docility and quiescence of meditation such as befits an organism that now wears its brain outside its…
The Dawn of the Age of Liberal Terror
My latest essay for Panda
Afriforum’s new documentary is entitled Selfbestuur (self-governance, a taking charge of one’s destiny). Previous Afriforum documentaries have provided…
Guest appearance on Ad Absurdum
What was this? Did liberal democracy fail in 2020? Or have radical dissidents been right all along? For example, Alain Soral wrote in 2011 that the West…
The fact that this news has to be reported by independent writers on Substack represents an epochal shift in media. There is zero subtlety in the…
Hospitals in Australia fill up with vaccinated. Deaths rack up in Japan and England.
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Chris Waldburger