UK Death Rates Have INCREASED After Mass Vaccinations

Something is really, really rotten...

Overall mortality rates in the UK are higher than they were last year. And what is more - death rates for vaccinated are higher than for the unvaccinated!

The Brits, like all of us, were promised herd immunity if enough got vaccinated.

That ‘enough’ was said to be only the vulnerable.

This was the government/media promise nine months ago:

Yet the UK still has a lot of mask-wearing, a lot of vaccine mandates, a lot of testing, and a lot of isolation.

They have comparable numbers of covid deaths and hospitalizations than barely-vaxxed South Africa!

I was told in Switzerland by a pediatrician that the plan there was similar. Vaccinate the vulnerable, and move on. Now Switzerland will not let you go to university without a vaccine passports, which is set to expire after six months too.

People forget but we were all promised an end to INFECTIONS via the vaccines.

Alex Berenson has written the definitive piece on vaccine ‘gaslighting’. Some highlights:

  • “What we see is that immunity conferred by the vaccine can essentially completely limit the breakout of any infections in the population,” Galit Alter, a Harvard immunologist and virologist, said on Feb. 25.

  • On March 29, the CDC reported that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines reduced infections by 90 percent. “The findings provide researchers with more evidence that vaccines reduce the risk of infections, including asymptomatic ones,” Axios wrote.

  • On April 28, Dr. Ugur Sahin - the chief executive of BioNTech, the German company that developed the mRNA vaccine Pfizer markets, said he expected European countries to reach herd immunity by July or August.

  • Sahin “cited studies from Israel, which shares medical data on its vaccination campaign with Pfizer, showing that people who have been immunized rarely fall seriously ill and are significantly less likely to transmit the virus to others.”

But not only have vaccines failed utterly in this regard - with infections surging in nations like Israel and Singapore - but shocking data gleaned from official UK government death stats suggest the vaccines are having a negative impact on total deaths!

Remember we were told covid deaths were undercounted and total excess deaths were more accurate a measure? Well, apply the same standard to post-vax deaths and something shocking emerges.

From British newspaper The Telegraph:

The phenomenon is also visible in Scotland.

From Berenson again:

The number of deaths from all causes registered in Scotland in this week was 1,257 - 249, or 25%, more than the five year average. 

Pete Whitehouse, Director of Statistical Services, said:

“Deaths from all causes were 25% higher than the five year average. There has been a sustained period of excess deaths, with registered deaths above the five year average in each week since week 21 (24th to 30th May).”

So those 1,257 deaths includes 135 deaths that mentioned COVID-19 - the highest weekly total since March (because vaccines work!). But even excluding those, non-Covid deaths are running more than 10% above normal - as they did all summer. (Because vaccines work?)


I wish there were not more, but there is.

From the UK government’s Office of National Statistics, the following graph is derived:

These are not totals. These are rates.

To repeat: excess deaths after vaccinating for a pandemic should NOT increase.

Deaths in vaccinated should not trend higher:

Many of us ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been asking for honesty and transparency in vaccine safety, and a risk-adjusted approach to vaccinations and lockdowns (it still seems, for now, the vaccine may be worthwhile for the vulnerable), but we have been ignored as anti-science, whatever that means.

Will the above facts not cause more people to think about the adverse event reporting for the covid vaccines, taken from the US below as way of example?

The rebuttal always is, that the government’s system of reporting these events is untrustworthy. This is strange, because why has the government in the US retained this method for so long?

It must also be noted that doctors are being discouraged from reporting these events, that it takes them thirty minutes to do one, and that it is a criminal offence to lie on one of these reports.

Listen to a leading US doctor and researcher about why the reporting system is likely UNDERCOUNTING reactions.

Other whistleblowers are coming out the woodwork about these adverse events.

There are memorial pages springing up for victims online.

This IS happening.

A British member of parliament is asking shocking questions:

The inventor of mRNA tech is sounding the alarm:

The Brazilian government is concerned:

The Croatian president is stopping vaccinations at 50% of population:

An FDA official is saying stop vaccinating the young:

The effect on pregnant women is being covered up. The New England Journal of Medicine recently published a study in which out of 127 pregnant women jabbed in their first trimester, 104 then had a miscarriage.

Go back to the original plan. Offer the jab to those at risk with informed consent. Leave the the rest of us alone.