Wow! This is so insightful and another validation for my abhorrence of the mask from the very beginning... I am in California and seeing pictures of our governor and “elites” at dinner parties unmasked, while the servers are all masked made me think the purpose was to create a slave class of people.

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Quite disheartening that the shops are still fully masked still in the UK. It’s not like they were ever full of smiles and laughter but I had hoped..

Unmasked toddlers seem much livelier and mesmerising than before. If only there were more of them, the gloominess of the masked might be clearer to see.

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that is brilliant - just what I have been struggling to articulate. Thank you

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The amount of friends and family who think its okay to mask and vaccinate children is just disheartening and depressing.

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This is sad news indeed but I think he is lucky to have passed on without witnessing the full extent of what is happening worldwide.

The following is my poem about the brutalisation of world civilisation:


written by Jocelyn Scott

January 2022

I’ve made an evaluation

After much consideration

And a lot of deliberation

That this is not a vaccination

It’s simply euthanisation

Under the guise of inoculation.

So use your imagination

And you’ll come to the realisation

It’s about depopulation.

It’s a shocking situation

With no logical explanation

And a total abomination

With the use of illegal mandation

Which is loaded with discrimination

And a dreadful aggravation

To the general population

Causing heaps of confrontation.

Now we’re facing bastardisation

In camps of concentration

With the threat of domination

Without any justification.

And there’s been no consultation

And no logical explanation

About the terrible determination

To force any future generation

Into possible sterilisation

And robotic dehumanisation

Causing DNA transformation

With absolutely no rationalisation.

And I’ve come to the realisation

That we’ll receive no compensation

No conciliation or justification

And no satisfactory explanation

For this complete vilification

As they go about the annihilation

Of the world wide population.

So I have no hesitation

Because of this horrible situation

In wishing these murdering bastards to hell and damnation

Without any consideration

And no chance of graduation

To a higher elevation.

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Thanks so much for pointing us to the book The Face of God - I've got a copy on order! Our congregation has been relaxed about masks - until now. Now we have to obey the mask mandate - which will make Sunday interesting for me. Will they kick me out? Tolerate my face? Who knows. I think God will be OK with my uncovered face - not sure about his children though.

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Masks are there to shut us up and keep us compliant. We know that, and THEY know that. Great essay, agree with every word.

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This is an excellent commentary: profound and enlightening. I was struck to my core. Thank you.

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Nice philosophical analysis, but it seems sufficient to say they don't work. But philosophers don't worry about efficiency. The same arguments, practical and philosophical, can be made about motorcycle helmets. People involved in motorcycle mishaps usually emerge with internal injuries and helmets relatively unscathed. They don't work, but nanny governments impose them anyway, because they can, and probably gives them false hopes they're doing something useful. Helmets and masks are superstitious nonsense imposed to demonstrate blind obedience, and to accept punishment for being in a lesser class.

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Another fantastically written and insightful article exploring the psychology behind this agenda. What I would describe as a 'proper' journalist, rare indeed in these strange times. Thanks Chris and keep up the good work.

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