Breaking: It is Indisputable Now Vaccines and Lockdowns Do Not Stop Covid

Anybody who disagrees is being willfully blind.

The above image comes from this study by a Canadian economist. The data leading to this conclusion is impossible to dispute:

The limited effectiveness of lockdowns explains why, after more than one year, the unconditional cumulative Covid-19 deaths per million is not negatively correlated with the stringency of lockdown across countries.

Face up to it everybody. This disaster did nothing good. The government has arrogated power for itself they can, and will, take up again, to lock down your life for ‘climate change’.

Children are scarred forever by the idea they can die from a virus less dangerous to them than flu, by the idea they will kill granny. They will not get over this for years.

Millions are unemployed. Millions are starving.

For nothing.

And we did this.

We all lived by lies because it was easier, easier to comply than face a cost, convenient to let people know you are one of the ‘good’ ones, the ‘enlightened’ ones.

I hang my head in shame.

Look in the eyes of this young girl bleeding from an invasive PCR test:

I call this what it is - rape.

In the US, 16 year-old girls get arrested by police for not wearing a mask.

“Do you have any guns, knives, or bazookas on you that we need to know about?” police asked while handcuffing honor student Grace Smith.

If you do not disavow this oppression, you now know where you would have stood when the Soviets and the Nazis came knocking on your neighbours’ doors. I mean that, in all sincerity.

It is equally impossible now to argue that vaccines prevent spread. They don’t.

Singapore has been in serious lockdown, under stringent mask-wearing, and surely has the highest vaccination rate in the world… and they can’t stop posting record case numbers.

The vaccines will not stop the ‘pandemic’. Even Harvard admits this. Yet your friends and your bosses still tell you to take the shot for the team.

What happens when we force people, healthy people, young people, to take a vaccine that ‘leaks’? We don’t know. But we keep pushing it.

In the UK, covid rates are higher in the vaccinated:

In the US, more people have died from covid or anything else in 2021 than in unvaxxed 2020:

There is no correlation between vaccination rates and death in Europe:

I am done trying to debate the obvious with the sociopaths who have lost their minds in a fog of media science worship.

Let’s go.