I find the best way to get people to think about "vax-ports" is to ask them:

"How many shots are you going to take?"

Then tell them the following:

"Canada has bought 135 million MORE shots for 38 million people. That's 3 MORE each plus extra for spoilage and waste"

Then follow up with:

"Israel just took away privileges from 1.5 million people for refusing the 3rd injection. They've announced the 4th is coming. Lithuania is the same but announcing the 4th & 5th shots"

And finally leave them with this thought:

"You can say "NO" at zero injections or you can say "NO" at 3, 4, 5 and the result is the same. When you REFUSE you lose all your PRIVILEGES because you have NO RIGHTS. You gave them away when you agreed to the vaccine passport"

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If you take them at face value then, the hospitals were supposedly overrun throughout the pandemic.

Remember "two weeks to flatten the curve"? Then the rolling lockdowns because the 2 weeks didn't make a lick of difference and the medical system was at the brink of collapse at any second? That's been the DAILY media fear porn here in Canada for the past 17-18 months.

Then, the medical system is stretched to the breaking point, but BC, Canada just several thousand medical staff on leave for refusing to get jabbed.

So why is this news worthy from their point of view... unless the hospitals never were overrun and gasp... they lied to us about that too?

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animal vectors in dogs n cats is iffy really none of the dogs n cats carried covid they just developed antibodies rather like dogs around horses with Hendra Virus they could NOT give it to anyone human or horse but both dogs were euthanased rather than make a decent vaccine from their bloods

insanity aussie style.

minks etc are a different problem bacuse theyre like ferrets used to breed viruses and test they seem to have the ability to transmit to humans . wondering if the carriers of NY mutations might be the millions of RATS they have serious issues with?

I suspect the deer drank effluent plant water released into usa rivers? if they cant remove the stains birth pill hormones etc then they sure cant remove all virus particles unless the boiled or irradiated every drop and they dont

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McGowan and the rest of them absolutely know what's going on but they are being disingenuous and continuing to maintain the absurd propaganda that we need everyone here in Australia, including the kids, to be "vaccinated" or we will have some sort of end-of-days catastrophic "pandemic of the unvaccinated". The insanity is incredible. Bring on the Neuremberg trials 2.0!

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re aus hospitals crowded? well delayed treatments surgery and follow on from people who avoided hospitals now feeling safe or pretty crook and coming in at last may be partial cause? as well as the vaxxed and now unwells

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The evil agenda by followers of Satan is to murder as many people as will take the lethal injection. The young will be sterilized as their ovaries and sperm will no longer be viable. All of this to reduce earth's population. That is Satan's agenda. To murder, to rob, to destroy. If you are not following Jesus, then you are following Satan. It's as simple as that. Satan hates God and all people who are made in the image of God.

Satan, the prince of the power of the air, is in control of this world since Adam and Eve sinned in the garden and forfeited dominion of the earth that God had given them. Just as Satan started a new race of people called the Nephilim or giants by changing people's DNA when fallen angels mated with human women, man is again distorting mankind's DNA with synthetic mRNA injections. Splicing together human with animal or insect DNA is evil. God destroyed the human race (except for Noah and his family who were genetically perfect) with the flood. Don't think God will not exterminate all genetically altered humans in the days to come.

Some of the ingredients in the lethal injections are: Matrix A or Hydrogel-part of the nano lipid particles coating on the surface of the shot; PEG-polyethylene Glycol; Polysorbate 80; FUS Gene-protein coding gene; TDP-43 Protein-nuclear protein that binds DNA and RNA; 18 sub-units of HIV-1 (HIV Glycoprotein 120); aborted fetal tissue; SM-102 in ethanol solution which is toxic; tree bark as an irritant; PRRA-4 amino acids which puncture the blood brain barrier; Graphene oxide which causes metal to attach to one's body; medical device; mRNA synthetic code which is gene based protein therapy; cholesterol, bio-sphere, and Plasma DNA-adds additional chromosomes to the genome to change your DNA.

The Tribulation period, which is close to beginning when the Anti-Christ will rule the world, will see the deaths of billions of people as prophesied in the Book of Revelation. Those who have forsaken God (most of humanity) will worship the Beast and face an eternity of time without end burning in the flames of the lake of fire after being judged by King Jesus at the Great White Throne judgment. It's going to happen whether you believe it or not.

Give your life to Jesus now while you still have time. He will protect you in these evil days. He promises to hide you in the day of trouble. Don't destroy your body to save a job. No amount of money in the world can undo the damage done by these lethal injections.

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