I am a South African writer, teacher, student of literature and philosophy.

In an age of corporate media and political correctness (an old Soviet term by the way), I hope to curate content and write stories that serve the best interests of my readers. I do not make any media pretense of `objectivity`, of just reporting the facts; my perspectives and interests are rather laid bare so they can be grappled with, contested. I do not believe you get to truth by receiving it in your mind as some private possession - you have to find yourself in it, participate in it, and I think you best do that in a kind of struggle or dance with other minds worthy of respect.

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Eventually, as the audience grows, I will introduce some paid content - these will be e-books and possibly also some online courses. I have found that there is a huge gap in modern culture and education. If I speak to people about great thinkers or books, whether it be Plato, Aquinas, Nietzsche, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, I notice a sense of thirst for this seemingly lost tradition of studying `Greats`. We all sense innately that our education and our media has not given us its best. Eventually I hope to be able to help solve this issue for my readers, outside of the structures of our modern media/education complex, whose structures now only serve as shackles.

At the moment, if you appreciate and find yourself enriched by my writing, in return all I ask is that you share it with other discerning minds, and encourage others to subscribe. This will eventually allow me to support this work financially, and thus continue providing this service.