Welcome to the New World Order

Freedoms lost, enforced poverty, police killings... how did we get here?

SANDF calls up Reserve Force members to help fight Covid-19

Months ago, I demonstrated that the Wuhan virus definitely came from a lab. The truth was hiding in plain sight.

See here. This is an identical protein to the Wuhan virus and it was registered by Chinese military in early 2018. And yes, in China they call it the Wuhan virus.

Only now is a lab in Wuhan being investigated as the leak, and yes Obama had given that lab a grant in 2015. This is absolutely true.

The bat that carries the virus does not come from the Wuhan area, and wet markets only sell seafood.

Then the WHO reported that the outbreak was not a problem as humans could not transmit it. Now, Lady Gaga and the rest of our celebrities are raising funds for the WHO. By the way, one of the first acts of the WHO’s current boss was to appoint Robert Mugabe as a ‘goodwill ambassador’ in 2017.

China allowed the virus to travel; while Trump was mocked for trying to shut down said travel. Now everybody is praising WHO.

And then some terrible decisions and events took place.

New York authorities actively encouraged mass social events up to March, to counter Trump’s xenophobia. This is in the public record. They also reduced the number of buses and trains in use, causing crowding indoors, which is the best conditions for transmissions. We know now that outdoor transmissions are exceedingly rare.

In Italy no attention was paid to Chinese travellers and workers and Spain did not close down flights from Italy.

New York and Italy are the crucially effected areas in the West. In fact, there is no crisis in the US without NY:


And Italy admits their counting system could be 90 percent off.

Yet, despite that, if you look at European excess mortalities for their current flu season, you will see a lot of deaths, but numbers comparable to other years which did not precipitate economic meltdown and suspension of freedom.

The lockdowns happened because of the Imperial College model which warned of millions of deaths unless mass, unprecedented lockdowns took place. Weeks later, they adjusted the model drastically, showing only thousands of deaths, most of which would have happened anyway, but the policies had already been put in place. And they have not been repealed. Even though there is no proof they do any good. Look at this comparison between the UK and Sweden:

Then there was a ventilator panic - and it turned out places like NY already had enough, and they probably don’t help anyway. Plus the governors of California and NY have both said the federal government responded to them in an unprecedented manner. So why the Trump obsession?

In South Africa, our low numbers were meant to show the lockdown was working, and now a slight increase has been used to justify ramping up the lockdown measures.

The KZN Health MEC recently declared that positive patients would be herded into government facilities instead of being allowed to self-isolate and screenings may take place at road blocks.

Finally the ANC is achieving its dream of turning into China. Why the Cyril love?

Note that studies out of Iceland, Germany, and US have all shown that it is pretty likely vast swathes of people already have the virus showing it is not dangerous for a vast majority of people. Here is one example from one town in Massachusetts in which 30% of the sample already had the antibodies of viral recovery.

In fact, it is a disease for the obese and the elderly. We could be quarantining them. But instead we are banning sale of cigarettes and alcohol? Why? Nobody knows.

One top cop has already said that our Minister of Police has lost the plot.

Now some are estimating more than half of our country faces starvation. Our hero president makes jokes about locking down the country for another year. Police are killing people. News24 had a story on their website gushing over the president whilst simultaneously reporting their own journalists being shot at with rubber bullets.

NATO has warned that China could now start buying up strategic stakes in US and European companies.

Joe Biden who is one of two people who could be the leader of the free world by 2021 has said we should use the crisis to change the science on global warming.

That’s the Freudian slip that explains everything. This is now no longer about science or people’s lives. The powers that be are telling a story - and that story ends in more power for them.

The tragedy to me seems to be that the vast majority of the people WANT this to happen. They love what Ramaphosa and Cele are doing.

The New World Order is Stockholm Syndrome.