The Turning of the Tide

At an unnecessary cost.


Above you see the castle at Ferrara in Italy.

In the plague of 1576, the town experienced zero deaths.

How? When the plague ravaged their neighbours, they shut their borders. They did not ban inward travel completely, but stationed guards and doctors at all entry points.

And they managed to continue all trade.

This was exactly what I proposed when I heard about the Wuhan flu. We should have shut the borders immediately. Tracked and quarantined those exposed. And continued our lives with basic precautions. Washing hands and avoiding mass gatherings.

Instead we kept borders open and shut down trade. People herded into hospitals and got terribly sick. Many have died around the world. We ignored, then panicked. And the planes are still flying!

Now look at this, after we have possibly destroyed our economy:

Some would say the lockdown has worked! It hasn’t. We are not into the second week. The incubation period should have caused a huge spike by now. The lockdown has had no time to work yet. Yet the numbers are way lower than anybody predicted. Flattening the curve is turning out to be meaningless.

Let’s see what else our health minister has to say:

Whilst this ‘crisis’ has been underway, we’ve gone to junk status and cops are joking about shooting people. And then there is this horrific story:

People are predicting the US economy is set to shrink by over 10%, yet we are already seeing reporting that the modelling of deaths is set to be wrong.

The New York Times has reported that massive medical centre in Los Angeles has seen an increase of five Covid-19 ICU patients a day from 50 two weeks ago to 116 today.


What about stats from a major New York hospital, Maimonides, in Brooklyn, New York. Let’s go to the New York Post for this one:


You read the above correctly. This hospital has 14 more ICU patients than normal.

Here are the total figures from New York - but note the pre-existing conditions!


Yes, there are people dying. Yes, this is an awful medical emergency. But our reaction from our political leaders has not been rational. Read this commentary on the insane statements coming from the UN:

We have a world of useless information now. Nobody can put anything into any kind of historical perspective anymore. Maybe we should shut our failing schools down and just give our kids some books!

Long-term tracking of our lockdown, its unemployment ramifications, and the deaths caused thereby, is sure to shock generations to come.