The Rich Must Pay

If you got rich from globalization, it's time for a reckoning.

How Warren Buffett's measure of success shaped 2018 for Bill Gates

It turns out that Oppenheimer and Rupert billion rand donations in SA will actually just amount to loans for small businesses that will need to be paid back. Yes, their businesses won’t make a profit out of this, but loans? Give me a break.

The big boys are clueless.

This is what is happening in the US right now:

In other words, this past month will likely have defined our future. This is a world-historical event.

At least the billionaires are handing out loans!

I came across this story about Warren Buffett too. One of his many companies, See’s Candy, which, according to him has earned his holding company over $2 billion, has just furloughed 2500 workers - whilst he sits on over $100 billion worth of cash.

These billionaires’ branding is cracking. Buffett is not some kindly uncle with a sweet tooth. He is a ruthless businessman (with a weird open relationship). Gates is not some computer nerd do-gooder either.

What to be done next?

Financial institutions have made trillions by globalizing trade and outsourcing.

This disease and economic depression is a function of globalization.

The banks must pay.

In Ancient Athens, Solon created democracy by cancelling all debts before setting up political institutions and voting. Of course, our schools don’t really teach this kind of dangerous history anymore. Nor do they teach the Bible, in which every fifty years, all debts were to be cancelled in Ancient Israel. (Leviticus 25)

Because don’t question modern economics!

We need the exact same type of re-boot.

Cancel all debt to China as punishment for their sins.

Cancel consumer/small business debt to banks. Then let the rich keep their ‘donations’ to bail out their buddies.

This will not happen of course. The banks own us. And we all know already they will still be standing when this is over. Whilst most normal citizens find themselves on their knees.