The Battle of Melbourne and the Satanic PowerPoints of the US Military

If you tolerate this, then your children will be next.

Have you seen the footage coming out of the Melbourne riots?

Never would I have ever believed such scenes to exist in a country like Australia.


We are truly living the frog-in-slowly-boiling-water analogy. If I had shown you two years ago this footage, and told you this was a depiction of the future of the west as it locks down millions for their safety from a virus which has fatality rates lower than the ‘flu for everybody under the age of fifty, I would have been instantly dismissed as a conspiracy theorist and right-wing fanatic - just as I was for suggesting gay marriage would lead to state indoctrination of pre-adolescents. Yet here we are.

Let’s look at some of the Melbourne videos, which I have no doubt not many of you would have seen. I apologize for the number of videos, but I think it is really important to see them to grasp fully the social crisis that has been provoked by a government belligerent and aggressive in its implementation of unscientific ‘safety’ measures.

Here is a policeman explaining why he is enforcing such draconian laws with such intensity of force against unarmed civilians. ‘I was just following orders’ is not a great excuse, historically speaking, by the way:

What is the proximate cause of this show of civil disgust?

Construction workers have been abandoned by their union leaders as they seek to resist enforced vaccinations:

Reflect on what this means for a country like Australia.

This is what I mean by the concept of liberal anarcho-tyranny. Australia is a permissive, tolerant state. If you watch a rugby match or any event, it begins with an homage to their native population.

But the tolerance of liberal states only seems to be tolerant. Try to resist medicine, try to establish your own identity that is not a postmodern fluidity, and violence will be directed at you.

In New Zealand, a group of men were just arrested for smuggling KFC into lockdown, and now face up to six months in jail. That is the liberal and open regime of jacinda Ardern for you.

Welcome to the era of the liberal Taliban.

You can choose any gender, any sexual proclivity, and probably get celebrated for it. But Chinese-imported lockdown measures will be enforced by means of a digitally enhanced biosecurity police state. Your body is basically a piece of meat to the state.


It gets worse in America.

The military has ordered mandatory vaccinations for all soldiers. There are reports that elite forces like the Navy Seals might become inoperative. Already morale is low as Biden’s regime continues mass indoctrination of the army who must now see ‘white supremacy’ in their own ranks as their greatest national security threat. War-time powers previously aimed at Muslims are now aimed at the approximate half of the country who believe the election was stolen and/or voted for Trump. The ‘insurrectionists’ of January are being detained without trial for the sake of democracy, and the policeman who shot an unarmed female military veteran is celebrated as a hero.

(If, on the other hand, you use a standard police hold to pin down a belligerent violent criminal resisting arrest whilst high on drugs and in the company of drug dealers and wanted domestic abusers, you will basically be considered the Worst Human in History. Shoot an unarmed, petite woman, and welcome to media adulation.)

The story of enforced military vaccination just became a whole lot more sinister.

In a confirmed leak of official military training material, released by Tucker Carlson on Fox News, it was demonstrated that the US military used an appeal to the tenets of Satanism to encourage vaccination.

This is yet another example of how no matter the wildness of a prior conspiracy theory, what was considered insane, is now our daily news.

At the same time as the military is subject to this, the US borders are open to illegal immigrants at their southern body - who, unlike tourists, American workers, and soldiers, are not vaccinated. (By the way, the Astra Zeneca vaccine does not count in the US, just as any vaccine in Africa does not count in the UK.) Biden’s spokeswoman admits the hypocrisy, and does not even bother to defend it. She does not need to, her side is in charge:

I will say it again - this is liberal anarcho-tyranny.

Why does the US government care more about migrants than citizens? Well, they don’t. Biden just knows the migrants will vote for his party and not Trump’s. In a modern democracy, governments choose their electorates; electorates do not choose their government.

On the topic of Biden, before the shady election, news broke that Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, had misplaced his laptop and materials from it had entered the public sphere.

The most shocking part of the story were emails in which Hunter Biden seemed to secure Chinese money for his father, or sell access to his father for business deals.

US intelligence vigorously denied that the story was real. Social media did not allow any discussion of it. Political magazine, Politico, reported on it in this fashion:

Here is how they reported on it this week:

Of course, this is mild hypocrisy and deception compared to Biden and his woke military drone-bombing an innocent family to project strength as the Taliban stormed back to power, but there it is, if you are a liberal, they let you do it.

Things are falling apart. The center cannot hold. The world of your Boomer parents is gone forever. Their tacit acceptance of liberal norms will not help you. Liberalism unchecked will corrode all that is beautiful and healthy in a rage against God.

Simply put, if you tolerate this, then your children will be next.