South Africans Should Vote for the Christian Party

The liberal DA may have some good bureaucrats but covid and being woke has crippled them.

South Africa’s official opposition to the ANC, the Democratic Alliance, a centre-left, racially diverse political party, generally gets credit for running their strongholds well without much corruption.

They deserve those plaudits. The province they govern, the Western Cape, has many historic problems, which are constantly exacerbated by streams of economic refugees coming from the wasteland that is the neighboring province and ANC’s spiritual base, the Eastern Cape, yet the DA keeps corruption at bay and delivers services.

And yet… their embrace of woke capitalism, their constant apologetic attitude for being the party with the most white support, their racial tokenism in the form of hollow black leaders put forward in past national campaigns as cynical vote-winners, together form a deal-breaker for many South Africans who oppose the ANC from the right.

Their embrace of covid mania was the first, troubling warning sign in this current election cycle.

This is the DA’s second most significant office-holder, the Western Cape Premier, Alan Winde:

This is unacceptable. Unscientific, weak, pathetic. Is this man a fighter? No.

I could not vote in good conscience for this bubble-loving, plastic man.

The second warning bell came from their recent poster controversy.

The DA put up these posters in Phoenix, an Indian community in ANC-run KwaZulu-Natal who, in the recent ANC riots, took up arms to defend their community against depraved, looting thugs, who were operating unhindered by the state.

Initially DA leader John Steenhuisen defended the posters, after media liberals complained about racial incitement. The posters are objectively true, and if this is racial incitement, in a country in which the President made himself a billionaire by means of crooked black equity deals, then simply not being black will soon be considered racial incitement.

But then the DA took them down and apologised for being offensive.

Did Mary Oppenheimer, their woke-capital donor, tell them to? I don’t know.

What I do know is that apologising to the left is beyond dumb. There is no public debate to be won, no rational arbiters to which the DA are appealing. There is only winning and losing, proving you have a backbone to stand up for your base of voters, or showing weakness and liberal cowardice.

The blunt Robert Duigan put it best:

So what to do in the upcoming elections?

The DA regularly argue that if you want the ANC out of power in towns and cities, you must not splinter the vote among minority parties.

This is not quite true. A vote for a small party is only wasted if it does not aggregate into a sufficient number to win a seat, according to proportion of votes to total seats available in town and city councils.

If a party that is not the ANC or the EFF or a small number of other left-wing crazies does not win a seat, you can be sure that seat will not be used to help place the criminal politicians of the left into a governing coalition.

So here is my pitch for the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP).

They are not liberal. Their beliefs have limiting power over possible compromises. Their base will collapse if they close churches or enforce sexual indoctrination of schools. Their beliefs align with the majority of the country. They have growth potential.

Best of all, they are the party which opposes insane lockdowns, forced vaccinations, and police brutality against those who protest the new police state.

The ANC military beat up and killed citizens to enforce a lockdown that even the covid-profiteering health insurer, Discovery, admits did nothing - because 80% of the population got it anyway. But we did get the unemployment rate to top of the global standings, so there is that achievement.

Even in the Western Cape, the DA said nothing recently when women and children were beaten up by cops in DA-governed Cape Town. These same cops are nowhere to be seen when Indian communities are invaded, by the way.

The problem, fundamentally, is the DA’s liberalism.

We have seen where liberalism goes, in Australia:

Liberalism starts by saying live and let live, then, when people want to live in deviant, risk-obsessed fashion, it finds itself enforcing deviance and insanity with tyranny. There is no supra-political limiting principle.

The DA suffers from this problem of liberalism. They don’t represent anybody, fundamentally. They are just a bunch of technocrats - even if they may be somewhat competent technocrats. All politics is about identity, and they don’t have one… And thus in the face of media narrative, they just crumble.

To be fair, I don’t really have a problem with the DA running things. I don’t have a problem if other parties help them stay in power. The alternative is rule by criminal maniacs.

But a DA that is actually on the right, a DA that is conservative, that respects the Christian faith, and has ceased to care about what the media thinks of them, would be a party to gather in the conservative South Africans who are united by their righteous anger toward the ANC.

But as the DA exists now, I wouldn’t vote for them.

Depending on the Christians for power would hopefully push them in the right direction.