Correction concerning 'Vaccine failure in Australia'

The Aussie politicians garbled it just as their UK counterparts did (as the vaccinated numbers began to shift, coincidentally).

(See update below.)

I interrupt scheduled programming to bring you urgent and important news.

Victoria, the state of hard lockdown in Australia, of which Melbourne is the epicentre, has announced that 78% of covid hospitalised patients are fully vaccinated.

Only 5% are completely unvaccinated!


A few readers alerted me very kindly. One email:

G’day Chris

I’m in Australia, and couldn’t believe this one.

But I checked and he actually read the numbers the wrong way around by mistake.

Having said that, based on Israel, UK, Scotland etc. these numbers will reverse in time no doubt.

Keep up the good work!

This happened in the UK too, where the minister got the vaccination numbers mixed up - although in a few weeks his apparently jumbled numbers became accurate.

If the numbers here are correct, then in actual fact 74% of hospitalisations in the state of Victoria are actually unvaccinated. Down from 78% in the last few days. let’s see what happens. NSW is already down to 68% vaccinated in hospital.

Do bear in mind the numbers are fiddled according to days since the shot or shots and equally that vaccinated patients in hospitals are, globally, often not tested as unvaccinated patients are. There is still only 300-odd in hospital in a population of 7 million or so. And there is still quite a bit of excess, non-coivd death. What gives?

I apologize but I do wish these guys could make these life-changing announcements with a little more care and precision.

The death numbers below are correct - at least as far as the government there is telling us.

We have seen it in South Africa. We have seen it in the UK.

The idea that there is a pandemic of the UNvaccinated is a lie.

The vast majority of deaths are in the VACCINATED.

Australian data gets worse. (This is almost my catchphrase by now.)

6 in 7 covid deaths in New South Wales (capital being Sydney) are vaccinated:

Perhaps the jabs may help a vulnerable individual - I don’t know - I certainly am not getting one.

But mass vaccination programmes, firing people for not getting them, is indisputably irrational and evil.

Remember this will not end until we make it end.

Harvard Business School, 95% vaccinated, is in lockdown as cases surge and our global elites cower in terror, brainwashed by media that the fatality rate is exponentially higher than the approximate 0,15% for all people, vulnerable and strong alike.

Harvard Business School moved all in-person classes for first-year MBA and some second-year students online this week, and increased its Covid-19 testing requirements to try to curb a recent surge in breakthrough cases on campus.

The school, located in Boston, is switching to remote learning through Oct. 3 to try to suppress the virus, which is mostly infecting the university’s fully vaccinated graduate students, according to the institution’s website. Roughly 95% of the university’s students and 96% of its staff are vaccinated. More than 1,000 students are enrolled in the business school’s class of 2023.

This your children’s future. They are fixated on the youth who are NOT at risk.

Why is that?