Follow the Science...

Everything you need to know about covid.

After a steady focus on covid - which was fitting, as it is a global revolution - I am about to pivot onto some of the underlying liberal myths which have led to the possibility and accomplishment of the biosecurity global police state.

I will take a look at the stories we tell ourselves about World War II, evolution, liberation struggles, feminism, diet, and welfare, to see exactly how nice progressives and liberals turned out to be so utterly destructive for humanity on a global scale, and how the global era of liberal anarcho-tyranny was inevitable given the 300-year trajectory of the ascendant west.

I am also looking to convert my philosophy dissertation into a popular book - my thesis being that the vitalism of Nietzsche is a resource from which traditionalists and Christians draw strength as we come face to face with the grey sludge of modern life which seeks to choke all that is sacred and beautiful.

Before I turn to those projects, I would like to share two very important resources with you that serve as summaries of the fraudulent ‘science’ which has wrecked the world in the name of safety.

The first is a 30-fact ‘covid cribsheet’ from the Off-Guardian, which, has as its introduction:

Here are key facts and sources about the alleged “pandemic”, that will help you get a grasp on what has happened to the world since January 2020, and help you enlighten any of your friends who might be still trapped in the New Normal fog.

Read on here.

The second is a very powerful and shocking documentary that lays out the sheer hypocrisy and oppression which has been foisted upon us by technocratic elites, who use the veneer of ‘science’ to present themselves as god-like guardians in our midst, overseeing our leisure, our work, our bodies, our movement, and our religion.

The documentary is entitled ‘Following the Science’ and is a must-watch. It is just one hour long.

Watch it here.

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‘Stay safe.’