George W. Bush ordered a western invasion of the Middle East which led to the deaths of millions, the destruction of the oldest Christian communities on earth, and the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. So it seems that even when he tries to denounce Vladimir Putin, something deep…
If highly vaccinated territories have MORE covid, what does that tell us about the vaccine?
Masks and Sex Changes for Children - Welcome to Elitist Progress in Africa
Countries the world over are led by people who hate you and hate your children. There can be no other conclusion to this farce: On Wednesday night, with…
Trump strikes back from his political after-life.
Flu shots were the precursor to covid mythology. Both vaccines show no efficacy in reducing death.
Microplastics from masks have likely infected the deep tissue of us all.
In Holy Week 2022, we hear and see hell...
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Chris Waldburger